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Get to the Bottom of Liver Disease with Fibroscan

What is a FibroScan®?

FibroScan® (also known as transient elastography) is an examination similar to an ultrasound used to assess the stiffness of your liver in kilopascals (kPa). This is a non-invasive procedure that is quick, painless and gives an immediate result.
A FibroScan® helps your doctor assess the health of your liver by assessing the likelihood of scarring (fibrosis) in your liver. The more stiff your liver is, the more likely it is to have scarring. FibroScan® is often used instead of a liver biopsy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat and drink before my FibroScan®?

No, you should not eat or drink for at least two hours before the examination as this may affect the result.

What does it involve?

During the examination, you will be asked to lie on your back with your right arm raised behind your head.
The person performing the procedure will apply a water-based gel to your skin and place the FibroScan® probe on your skin.
The FibroScan® probe will then send a signal to measure liver stiffness. You will feel a slight vibration on your skin as the measurement is taken.
Approximately 10 measurements will be made.
At the end of the examination you will be given your result.

What can affect my results?

Results may be less accurate or unable to be obtained if you are overweight (BMI>30) or if your liver is inflamed.

Who will perform my FibroScan®?

Specialist liver nurses who have received extensive training in performing and interpreting FibroScan®.

How long will the Fibroscan® take?

Most FibroScan® assessments take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Do I need to rest afterwards?

No, you may continue with your normal daily activities. There is no need to rest or take time off work following a FibroScan®.


Tips for a healthy liver

  1. Keep alcohol consumption within recommended limits.
  • Avoid alcohol altogether if you have severe fibrosis.
  1. Maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.
  2. Ensure your diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are well controlled.
  3. Follow the advice of your doctor or nurse to manage or treat the cause of your liver fibrosis.

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